Bedol Wasseruhr Squirt – Umweltfreundliche wasserbetriebene Wecker

bedol wasseruhr squirt umweltfreundliche wasserbetriebene wecker 5

Die Bedol Wasseruhr Squirt ist eine umweltfreundliche, wasserbetriebene Weckeruhr. Das Tracking von Zeit ist für viele Menschen von großer Bedeutung, egal ob es sich um einen jungen Schüler handelt, der seine ersten Schuljahre genießt, einen Studenten, der versucht, seinen Zeitplan zu bewältigen, oder auch um eine berufstätige Person, die früh aufwachen und pünktlich zur Arbeit kommen möchte. Die meisten Menschen verwenden entweder eine elektrisch betriebene Uhr oder alternativ eine batteriebetriebene Uhr, um die Zeit im Auge zu behalten. Das Problem bei diesen Stromquellen ist, dass beide Lösungen gleichermaßen umweltschädlich sind. Doch jetzt gibt es eine bessere Lösung für umweltbewusste Menschen, die ihre CO2-Bilanz reduzieren möchten und gleichzeitig die Zeit im Auge behalten wollen – die Bedol Wasseruhr Squirt.

Bedol Wasseruhr Squirt - Umweltfreundliche wasserbetriebene Wecker


Size and Weight

The Bedol Water Clock Squirt is a compact alarm clock, measuring just 4.5 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches tall. It weighs only 1 lb (16 oz). Thanks to its small size and lightweight design, it can easily fit on any countertop, nightstand, or office desk without taking up too much space. It’s also portable and can be packed into a bag or backpack for travel.

Shape and Material

The clock features a unique design in the shape of a small water droplet. This minimalist design adds a touch of elegance to any room, desk, or countertop. The outer shell of the clock is made of high-quality, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant non-PVC plastic. This durable construction ensures the clock’s longevity and protects it from accidental water splashes.

LCD Display and Control Buttons

At the front of the clock is a built-in LCD display that shows the time in a digital format. The display is clear and easy to read. Located on both sides of the display are control buttons. One button is used to set the clock’s time and choose between a 12-hour or 24-hour format. The other button is used to set the daily alarm or hourly alarm.

Water-Powered Design

The Bedol Water Clock Squirt is a water-powered alarm clock that runs solely on tap water. The clock features a semi-transparent internal water reservoir at the back, equipped with two metallic plates at the center. These metallic plates use the ions present in water to generate electricity through a natural chemical reaction. This clean energy powers the clock’s digital display and alarm functions. The water-powered design eliminates the need for batteries or electricity, making it an eco-friendly alternative.

Metallic Plates

The clock’s proprietary metallic plates are made of zinc and copper. These plates convert the ions in water into current, generating electricity to power the clock. This innovative technology harnesses the power of water to provide a sustainable source of energy. The metallic plates are designed to be long-lasting and efficient, ensuring the clock functions properly.

Power Generation

The water-powered design of the Bedol Water Clock Squirt allows it to generate enough electricity with just ordinary tap water. The clock can keep perfect track of time for up to 6 months before needing to replace the water. This energy-efficient design reduces carbon emissions and minimizes environmental impact. Additionally, the clock’s digital display will still run normally in the event of a power outage, providing continuous timekeeping.

Memory Chip

The clock is equipped with a built-in memory chip that retains the time settings even when the water is replaced. This means that users do not have to reset the digital clock every time they refill the water reservoir. The memory chip ensures convenient and uninterrupted timekeeping.

Bedol Wasseruhr Squirt - Umweltfreundliche wasserbetriebene Wecker


Replacing the Water

When it’s time to replace the water in the Bedol Water Clock Squirt, the clock’s LCD display will start dimming. To replace the water, simply pour out the old water from the internal water reservoir and refill it with fresh tap water. The clock’s water reservoir has a protective cap that can be easily opened and closed. Regularly replacing the water every 6 months ensures optimal performance and longevity.

Bedol Wasseruhr Squirt - Umweltfreundliche wasserbetriebene Wecker


Package Contents

Each package of the Bedol Water Clock Squirt includes the alarm clock itself, neatly packed inside the box. It also comes with a detailed instructions manual that guides users on how to set up and use the clock effectively. The package provides all the necessary components to start using the water-powered alarm clock right away.

Bedol Wasseruhr Squirt - Umweltfreundliche wasserbetriebene Wecker


Color Options

The Bedol Water Clock Squirt is available in five different color models: Plum Purple, Smoke Gray, Blueberry Blue, Kiwi Green, and Tangerine Orange. These color options allow users to choose a clock that matches their style or decor preferences. The variety of colors adds a personal touch to the clock’s design.

Price and Where to Buy

The Bedol Water Clock Squirt is an affordable and eco-friendly alarm clock. It is priced at $26.00, making it a cost-effective choice for anyone in need of a reliable time-tracking solution. The clock can be purchased directly from Bedol’s official shopping page, as well as from other popular online retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart. With its water-powered design and convenient features, the Bedol Water Clock Squirt is a great addition to any home or a thoughtful gift for students or office workers.

Bedol Wasseruhr Squirt - Umweltfreundliche wasserbetriebene Wecker