Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Light – Dimmbare LED-Lichtleiste für PC-Monitore

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Die Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Light ist eine dimmbare LED-Lichtleiste für PC-Monitore, die über ein fortschrittliches Augenschutzsystem verfügt, das sowohl blauem Licht als auch optischer Strahlung effektiv entgegenwirkt, um den Bildschirm zu schützen und Augenermüdung zu reduzieren. Sie verfügt über integrierte Touch-Bedienelemente zur Anpassung der Helligkeit und Farbtemperatur des LED-Lichts sowie über eine automatische Dimmfunktion, die die Helligkeit intelligent an ein angenehmeres Level anpasst. Die LED-Lichtleiste kann Ihren Schreibtisch und Ihre Tastatur perfekt beleuchten und gleichzeitig blauen Lichteinfall auf den Bildschirm verhindern. Mit dieser Lichtleiste können Sie sicherstellen, dass Ihr Büro immer ausreichend beleuchtet ist und somit Ihre Produktivität während der Arbeitsstunden verbessern.

Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Light - Dimmbare LED-Lichtleiste für PC-Monitore

Design & Basic Specs

The Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Light Bar for PC Monitors features a flexible fixing clip that allows the unit to be mounted on top of most computer monitors, saving valuable desk space and creating a stylish workspace. It also comes with two thickness adjustment covers, allowing it to fit any computer monitor measuring between 15″ and 22″ with a thickness from 0.6″ to 1.4″. The light bar is not intended for use with laptops and curved monitors.

The power source for the ScreenLinear Pro is a USB-C power cable, which can be connected to a computer, phone charger, or power bank. This makes it a convenient option for maintaining desk space illumination, even during power outages. The light bar also features an asymmetrical optical design that ensures your desk and keyboard stay perfectly illuminated. Additionally, it has an advanced eye protection system that blocks blue light and optical radiation, protecting your eyes and reducing eye fatigue. The light bar is certified for IEC62471 optical radiation safety and IEC62778 anti-blue light standards.

The luminescence of the ScreenLinear Pro can reach a maximum of 700 LUX, making it suitable for serious office work.

Interface / Touch Controls

The ScreenLinear Pro is equipped with built-in sensitive touch controls for adjusting brightness levels and color temperature. The touch controls allow users to manually adjust the light bar’s brightness level and color temperature. The light bar offers four different color temperature settings, ranging from 3000K (cold light) to 6500K (warm light), providing a comfortable work environment throughout the day.

The Ultra-High CRI95 LED lights of the ScreenLinear Pro accurately display the selected color temperature. The light bar also has an internal memory function that remembers the last lighting setting, eliminating the need for a reset. It also features an auto-dimming functionality that intelligently adjusts its brightness level based on the ambient light in the room. The ambient light sensor enables the light bar to gradually reach an appropriate brightness level in dark rooms.

Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Light - Dimmbare LED-Lichtleiste für PC-Monitore

Final Thoughts

The Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Light Bar for PC Monitors is a high-quality LED light bar that can greatly enhance your productivity while working at your computer. It provides optimal illumination for your monitor, making it easier to read from the screen, and keeps your keyboard well illuminated, which is beneficial for nighttime work. With its advanced eye protection system and certifications for optical radiation safety and anti-blue light, it effectively reduces eye fatigue and protects your eyes.

Priced at $39.99, the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Light Bar offers great value for its features and functionality. It can be purchased directly from Quntis‘ official shopping page or from their Amazon page, currently discounted to $31.59. As a special offer for GadgetGram readers, a 10% discount code (7DK5B2KU) is available for a limited time, expiring on Feb-02-2024.

In conclusion, the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Light Bar is an excellent addition to any office setup. Its intuitive touch controls, adjustable brightness levels and color temperature settings, and advanced eye protection system make it a versatile and functional office gadget. Invest in the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Light Bar and improve your work environment and productivity today.

Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Light - Dimmbare LED-Lichtleiste für PC-Monitore