Blackview Tab 18: 12-Zoll 2.4K Display, 24GB RAM, 256GB ROM

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Blackview, a renowned technology company, has taken the tablet experience to a whole new level with their latest release, the Blackview Tab 18. This flagship tablet offers a breathtaking 12-inch 2.4K ultra-large display that promises to immerse you in stunning visuals. But the display is just the beginning; the Tab 18 also boasts impressive hardware upgrades, including up to 24GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM, ensuring a smooth and seamless performance. Furthermore, the tablet comes equipped with four upgraded Harman Kardon speakers for an exceptional audio experience. With its innovative DokeOS_P 4.0, which includes PC Mode 2.0, the Tab 18 offers the convenience and efficiency of a laptop in a sleek and portable tablet design. Blackview truly delivers a powerful and comprehensive tablet experience with the Tab 18.

Blackview Tab 18: 12-Zoll 2.4K Display, 24GB RAM, 256GB ROM

Oct. 24th, 2023

Let’s Keep an Eye Out for the Six Notable Upgrades in the Blackview Tab 18

Blackview’s all-new Blackview Tab 18 is set to launch, and it comes with a range of notable upgrades that are sure to impress. From a stunning 12-inch 2.4K ultra-large display to improved convenience features, enhanced performance, and upgraded battery life and photography capabilities, the Tab 18 is designed to provide an immersive, efficient, and professional experience. In this article, we will explore each of these upgrades in detail and discuss how they can benefit users.

Blackview Tab 18: 12-Zoll 2.4K Display, 24GB RAM, 256GB ROM

No.1 Display & Sound Upgrade: Dive into an Audio-visual Feast with a 12-inch Ultra-large Display

The Blackview Tab 18 features a generous 12-inch display that offers superior visuals and an immersive viewing experience. With its 2.4K FHD+ screen, users can enjoy crisp and vibrant images, making it perfect for work, study, or leisure activities. The display also supports WideVine L1, allowing for smooth 1080P HD streaming on popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu. Additionally, the Tab 18 boasts four Harman Kardon speakers, tuned by Harman AudioEFX 2.0, ensuring high-quality sound in various modes, including movie, music, gaming, and voice.

No. 2 Convenience Upgrades: Smartly Enhanced to Adapt to Users‘ Preference

To meet the demands of users who require a convenient and efficient experience on an ultra-large display, the Tab 18 comes with DokeOS_P 4.0, based on Android 13. This upgrade introduces several features designed to enhance productivity and usability. The upgraded split-screen enables users to have multiple windows open simultaneously, making multitasking easier than ever. Furthermore, the Tab 18 supports PC mode 2.0, allowing users to connect a magnetic S Pen Gen 2 and a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse for a near-12-inch PC experience. The pin-to-top function ensures that essential apps stay in focus, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Blackview Tab 18: 12-Zoll 2.4K Display, 24GB RAM, 256GB ROM

No.3 Performance Upgrades: Effortlessly Enhancing the Multitasking Experience for Work, Study, and Entertainment

Blackview understands the diverse needs of its users, which is why the Tab 18 is equipped with an octa-core MediaTek Helio G99 (6nm) processor. This powerful processor ensures smooth app operations, gaming, and multitasking, allowing users to seamlessly switch between different tasks. With up to 24GB RAM and 256GB ROM, the Tab 18 provides ample storage space for work, study, and leisure activities. Additionally, the tablet supports TF card expansion of up to 1TB, allowing users to further expand their storage capabilities.

No.4 Battery Life & Photography Upgrades: Never Settling for Battery Anxiety or Compromised Image Clarity

One of the most crucial aspects of any device is its battery life. The Tab 18 addresses this concern with its 8800mAh mega battery, ensuring up to 12 hours of daily use and up to 18 days on standby. With 33W fast charging, users can quickly recharge their tablet from 20% to 70% in just one hour, reducing downtime and eliminating battery anxiety. In terms of photography, the Tab 18 features an 8MP Samsung front camera and a 16MP rear camera. These cameras, enhanced by the ArcSoft 7.0 algorithm, deliver improved clarity for video calls, ensuring that users can enjoy high-quality interactions.

Blackview Tab 18: 12-Zoll 2.4K Display, 24GB RAM, 256GB ROM


In conclusion, the Blackview Tab 18 offers an exceptional and professional experience for users in need of an ultra-large display. With its upgraded features, including the 12-inch 2.4K display, enhanced convenience options, improved performance, extended battery life, and upgraded camera capabilities, the Tab 18 bridges the gap between smartphones and laptops. It provides a versatile and immersive smart lifestyle experience that is sure to meet the demands of users in various industries and settings. To learn more about the Tab 18 and its launch event, please visit the official Blackview website.